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Welcome to Raffa Yoga and Urban Sweat Spa: Where ancient wisdom converges with contemporary self-care practices. Here, the sacred arts of Yoga, Massage, Sauna, and restorative relaxation intertwine, crafting a more enriched experience towards holistic health and well-being. 


Consider this your personal invitation to jump start your own rite of passage!


Since its inception on May of 2000, Raffa Yoga has become the ONLY active relaxation center in all of New England. Raffa Life has served as a beacon of enlightenment and compassion, nurturing a community full of happy, healthy humans. 


We provide opportunities for personal development with our extensive range of over 75 weekly classes, which cover a diverse styles for all fitness levels. Our approach integrates the flowing movements of vinyasa, connecting breath and motion, along with the introduction of neurosomatics, a floor-based practice that emphasizes gentle movements and breath awareness. Our classes are designed to facilitate personal growth and exploration.  


Urban Sweat Spa & Raffa Therapeutics, unveiled in December of 2011, is where the art of relaxation takes center stage. Urban Sweat is a heated, all-encompassing experience designed from age-old customs. The 4-hour ritual includes a eucalyptus steam room, urban hammam, yellow turmeric sauna, black charcoal sauna, Himalayan salt grotto, Finlandian Sauna, cold plunges, and a relaxation area. Move throughout this unique circuit autonomously to rest & restore! 


Our therapeutics tie the knot in the seamless integration of ancient wisdom and modern techniques, where we offer massage, reflexology, acupuncture, facial waxing/body scrub skin care, and more! 


Raffa Life's commitment to community connection is our first priority, in everything that we do. As we continue striving to cultivate a space of harmony, understanding, and compassion for all beings, won't you join us? Healthy happy humans, reunite!


For in Raffa Yoga & Urban Sweat Spa, the journey inward is the path to true liberation and self-realization. 


And if not now, when? ALL ARE WELCOME.

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