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Lip Treatment, Full Body Waxing, & More

Beauty treatments do not include Urban Sweat

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Our Beauty Services

Our wellness beauty services offer more than just aesthetic enhancements; they unveil the radiance within, leaving you feeling utterly transformed. At our sanctuary of wellness beauty, we believe that true beauty emanates from within.

Hair Removal Wax
Hair Removal Wax

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Lip Scrub

Lip Treatment

$10.00 - 15 minutes

Indulge in Raffa’s lip treatment for a revitalized sensation! Our skilled skin therapists exfoliate and hydrate, ensuring irresistibly soft lips. Available exclusively as an add-on for facials.


Ear Candling


Discover the ancient practice of ear candling, renowned for its wellness benefits. Utilizing a specially crafted wax cone, gentle warmth is employed to cleanse the ears, loosening wax and toxins for improved overall health.

Full-Body Waxing Services

Shaved Armpit


  • Full arm                                        $40.00

  • Half arm                                       $26.00

  • Underarm                                    $20.00

  • Back                                              $60.00

  • Chest                                            $48.00

  • Half Leg                                        $36.00

  • Full Leg                                         $60.00

  • Bikini                                             $46.00

  • Brazilian                                        $60.00

  • Cheeks                                          $10.00

Glitter Bikini




  • Forehead                                      $10.00

  • Chin                                               $10.00

  • Eyebrow                                        $18.00

  • Upper Lip                                      $14.00

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