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Raffa Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training & Personal Development Program

Facilitated by Christine Raffa & Staff, this training encompasses the practices of Baptiste Power Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Adaptive and Therapeutic yoga. Raffa Yoga is committed and dedicated to your experience and are excited to be offering this teacher training. This training is for; anyone interested in teaching yoga classes, those interested in deepening their yoga journey and current yoga teachers interested in honing teaching skills.

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"Learning from your community is the key to personal growth; it's through shared experiences and collective wisdom that we truly find our strength and potential."

Reiki Certification I, II, III with
Maryellen Fowler

Transform your life and others' with our Reiki Certification courses! Start with Level 1 to learn foundational healing techniques. Deepen your practice with Level 2, expanding your ability to heal others remotely. Achieve mastery with Level 3 and become a certified Reiki Master. Enhance your well-being, foster spiritual growth, and join a community of healers. Enroll now to begin your journey toward a balanced, harmonious life!

"Everybody has the ability to do Reiki. It's simple and it's in our DNA. We are born with it." - Maryellen Fowler

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(Dates, times, tuition, etc.)

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